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Documentary – Year 2014

totalkitcar Live 2014 – Brands Hatch
November 15, 2014

Our photos from totalkitcar Live 2014 – Brands Hatch

It's yoyr life, just take it
October 8, 2014

It happened that I am in the final round of the "It's your life, just take it" contest.
I'm inviting you to take a look on the FB fanpage: www.facebook.com/itsyourlifejusttakeit, and express your engagemenent with my project by liking or/and sharing the movie about the Kozmo project. The more likes and shares I'll got, the bigger the chances are my project will win the contest. Let's do it together!

English subtitles are in the comments section.

The photo session
September 23, 2014

With a small delay I'm presenting you some of the latest pictures made on the last day of August.
Photos made by: Monika Brall and Grzegorz Burzyński.

2014-08-31_grzegorz_burzynski_2014-08-31_img_2099.jpg 2014-08-31_grzegorz_burzynski_2014-08-31_img_2121.jpg 2014-08-31_grzegorz_burzynski_2014-08-31_img_2125.jpg
2014-08-31_grzegorz_burzynski_2014-08-31_img_2133.jpg 2014-08-31_grzegorz_burzynski_2014-08-31_img_2134.jpg 2014-08-31_grzegorz_burzynski_2014-08-31_img_2148.jpg
2014-08-31_grzegorz_burzynski_2014-08-31_img_2152.jpg 2014-08-31_grzegorz_burzynski_2014-08-31_img_2154.jpg 2014-08-31_grzegorz_burzynski_2014-08-31_img_2155.jpg
2014-08-31_grzegorz_burzynski_2014-08-31_img_2197.jpg 2014-08-31_grzegorz_burzynski_2014-08-31_img_2204.jpg 2014-08-31_grzegorz_burzynski_2014-08-31_img_2218.jpg

Złombol 2014
September 13, 2014

Even though the Kozmo project is looking for a sponsor, sometimes there are things even more important, so that's why we decided to support the noble goal of the Zlombol charity rally. We assist one of the teams in their journey through Europe, you can find them here: https://www.facebook.com/gieroje.

2014-09-13_092444.jpg 2014-09-13_092503.jpg 2014-09-13_092538.jpg

It's your life, just take it
June 24, 2014

It was a wonderful evening. The Kozmo shop was visited by the crew of It's your life, just take it contest, with Marcelina Zawadzka (Miss Polonia 2011) and Michal Leszek from Krüger&Matz.

2014-06-24_itsyourlife_fot_mateusz_przygoda_1.jpg 2014-06-24_itsyourlife_fot_mateusz_przygoda_2.jpg 2014-06-24_itsyourlife_fot_mateusz_przygoda_3.jpg
2014-06-24_itsyourlife_fot_mateusz_przygoda_4.jpg 2014-06-24_itsyourlife_fot_mateusz_przygoda_5.jpg 2014-06-24_itsyourlife_fot_mateusz_przygoda_6.jpg

Searching for sponsor
May 22, 2014

I want to reassure all those, who monitor progress in the works and also new people visiting this blog.
The lack of posts from the garage is due to total focusing on search for sponsor and talks with different companies about financing necessary to finish project Kozmo.
Keep your fingers crossed!

Searching for sponsor
January 1, 2014

Welcome in the New Year. I  hope I will be able to finish works on project this year.I still need sponsor for that purpose. All private persons or organizations interested in becoming supporters of my project should contact me to receive offers of cooperation.
Over the same period, I invite you to trace older posts in the construction logbook on next websites.

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