It's yoyr life, just take it
October 8, 2014

It happened that I am in the final round of the "It's your life, just take it" contest.
I'm inviting you to take a look on the FB fanpage:, and express your engagemenent with my project by liking or/and sharing the movie about the Kozmo project. The more likes and shares I'll got, the bigger the chances are my project will win the contest. Let's do it together!

English subtitles are in the comments section.

KOZMO in Dzień Dobry TVN (Good Morning TVN)
January 20, 2013

Today I was a guest in the program DD TVN. I'm inviting you to watch and welcome those of you, which came on my site because of this program.

KOZMO in "Odrobina miasta" TVN Turbo
October 26, 2012

I'm inviting to watch previously announced program Odrobina Polski, which was on air in TVN Turbo on 20-25th of october 2012. Witild Odrobina with crew were guests in procject Kozmo garage on 30th of july 2012.

January 21, 2012

Today I've replied to Łukasz Grass's invitation to the Coffee or tee program emitted in TVP1. I'm inviting you to watch and welcome those of you, which came on my site because of this program.

Work on the body model
November 17, 2010

On 31st of October a friend from my work (video department) have visited me and made short film about Kozmo. Please watch it – the best of course in full HD.

Work on the body model
May 7, 2010

This time I've cut space for electric windows mechanism on the left side. I've cut also rear window frame fromfiat seicento's hatch. At the end I've painted white window frame and electric window mechanisms housings. Below you will find clip which was done before today's work, showing working electric window mechanism on the right side.

More testing
June 8, 2009

There is never too much of testing.We were testing again on Rakietowa Track in Wrocław.At the wheel &ndaszh; traditionally Paweł Ferdek. We were testing different setups for rear suspension trying to find ideal one.

KOZMO on Rakietowa Track
April 5, 2009

On today's early morning we have been testing KOZMO chassis on Rakietowa Track in Wrocław.
At the wheel Paweł Ferdek and "Dydek". We were checking car behaviour on different suspension settings. We were able also to compare KOZMO chassis with Subaru Impreza GT. Results were very positive. Our vehicle was cornering much better than Subaru

Kozmo in TVP Katowice
March 30, 2009

On the site you can find an episode of program with KOZMO in the main role.
We are inviting you to watch.

First ride
December 28, 2008

Finally! The long-awaited day. During absence of Tomek, Dydek made the first ride of frame with engine on the place near workshop. Now the vehicle is waiting for the track tests. At the wheel there will be Paweł Ferdek under supervision of Tomek Ferdek.
Below clip from the first ride – with Dydek at the wheel.

First engine start
December 22, 2008

Electrical harness completed, modified and preassembled. Engine fired up ;-) Admittedly powered spray primer because the fuel pump was found to be defective. Below 2 clips from the first engine start.

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